Your patents are sitting in the drawer, waiting to be used by you or someone else? Your ideas are good but you struggle to find an overall Business Development strategy? IPSUS® can provide you with a solution:

Life Science is our business. Our experience makes us the perfect partner for the development of your Intellectual Property (IP) strategy. Our consultants become an integral part of your business and identify and help implement the right strategy for your ideas. A personal and individualized approach is what we believe in.

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The Ipsus® Concept

Ipsus® - The Life Science Consultancy

IP is us!™

We believe that every Life Science company should be able to manage its IP rights, especially since IP often is a core part of the business. Nevertheless are resources typically scarce and in-depth information on IP and the development of an IP strategy comes at a high price.

Ipsus® offers the solution to this challenge: At a fraction of the costs we can be your alternative to an in-house IP Manager or high-end external IP agents. We become part of your team, linking to all third parties in order to manage, develop and capitalize on your IP. Our management-for-hire or project-based services help you fill the knowledge gaps that might keep you from creating value from your ideas.